QUEST is a suite of tools integrated in a Eclipse plug-in that aim to ensure compliance of  Java implementations of data abstractions with their property-driven specifications.

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ParTypes is a toolchain for validating and synthesising message-based programs for Message Passing Interface (MPI) programs.

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FreeST is a concurrent programming language where processes communicate via message-passing. The language features bi-directional channel-based communication.

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SePi is a concurrent, message-passing programming language based on the pi-calculus. The language features synchronous, bi-directional channel-based communication. Programs use primitives to send and receive messages as well as offer and select choices. Channel interactions are statically verified against session types describing the kind and order of messages exchanged, as well as the number of…

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PESTT an Educational Testing Tool for learning and designing unit tests for the Java language.

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ProPi is a tool that statically verifies whether message passing programs are free from deadlocks.

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MIL (Multithreaded Intermediate Language) is an assembly language targeted at an abstract multi-processor equipped with a shared main memory. Each processor consists of a series of registers and of a local memory for instructions and for local data. The main memory is divided into a heap and a run pool. The heap stores data and…

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